Whatever is your size, we have the right product adapted to your company's needs. If you need a small solution, just one person, or you need a big solution of 100 people, we have capacity to, in a quick and accurate way, offer the right solution for your business.
Our main objectives are total customer satisfaction and employee's full potential growth. To meet the needs and customer's satisfaction, we try so recruit and select staff, through a rigorous selection criteria, tests and specific assessments in each area of work, maintaining always a relationship/communication with our customers.
We know how important is to motivate all our employees, so there is a commitment to provide them with training, support and tuition regarding their jobs and skills. A satisfied and integrated employee is the biggest source of productivity and profitability of a company.

The Solution for your Company

ÉtoileTemp has the right solution for you

Providing Human Resources specializes and skilled in several activity areas of business, is our goal, because we know that our customers' success is also ours.

The seasonal increase in activity, permanent staff replacement due to vacations, maternity leave, absence due to sickness, increases in production, corporate restructuring, contracts, etc. ÉtoileTemp applies its knowledge and expertise to solve your problems of flexibility in human resources, by providing you the quantity of workers that you need, during the exact necessary time you need. If you want more information or a quick and convenient solution to your problem, you can easily contact us by phone of email. We'll get to you all details regarding ÉtoileTemp's service.

Our services and products:
sample image ÉtoileTemp Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting and selecting potentially qualified candidates to be employed in a determined Company.
sample image ÉtoileTemp Temporary Manpower
Hiring practices in order to meet specific needs, unforeseen, short durability or for a specific time.
sample image Training
Training should be seen as an asset that represents many advantages in a company, what brings later but sure benefits.
sample image Outsourcing
Task performance under Outsourcing is an option to relieve enterprises of tasks that do not represent it's own core business, allowing to be focused on activities for which they are aimed.

Looking for a Job?

ÉtoileTemp has the right solution for those who look for a job

sample imageIf you are seeking permanent employment, part-time employment or temporary employment, we have the solution for you.

If you've finished your graduation and do not know where to start working, if you are looking for your first job, if you've been fired and don't know where to find another job, if your temporary work contract in any company ended, ÉtoileTemp has the right solution for you.

In today's world, one of the most complicated problems in the life of any person is time until you find a job... We have the solution for you.

Don't loose more time, if you want you can send us your résumé to our ÉtoileTemp's database, do it now, by sending it to our e-mail. You may well be benefited from all advantages of our service.

After receiving your application, we will contact you to explain more in detail all the services of our company.