Company - Who are we?

sample imageÉtoileTemp is a Temporary Manpower supplier, with headquarters in Setúbal District, and offices in Santo André - Barreiro, and is a rigorous and strict follower of quality criteria providing services in Temporary Manpower Recruitment and Selection, Training and Outsourcing Tasks.

ÉtoileTemp is a company formed by people with youth vision, perfectly adapted to the actual labor market, and with a vast experience in recruitment and Human Resources management. Supported by new technologies, process flexibility in training their employees, it stands firm in Portugal and abroad. Our main objectives are the complete satisfaction of our customer and employees' needs.

ÉtoileTemp is specialized in solving the problems of lack of personal in our clients, by satisfying their manpower needs. ÉtoileTemp led by a Human Resources Department management team, has a vast and diverse portfolio of specialized and skilled employees in various areas of activity, with whom, we are sure, you will increase the productivity of your company.

Why Temporary Manpower?

Temporary Manpower has grown tremendously all over the World, obviously reaching the Portuguese market, making it a increasingly demanding and competitive market, therefore it is important to have the best allied/partner, because that is the key that today's projects are tomorrow's reality.

Labor flexibility of temporary manpower allows companies to have their temporary, urgent, unforeseen or occasional needs of skilled personal in diverse areas of company business, satisfied adapting personal staffing to day to day requirements.

The seasonal increase activity, replacement of permanent staff on vacation, maternity leave, medical absence, increases in production, corporate restructuring, contracts, etc.

"We have a big order, shall we hire more personal?
"The client has accepted our proposal, but we need manpower...
"We cannot compete, we have no work capacity.
"We have months full of work, and others with none.
"Orders are slowing, what do we do with our taskforce?
"My secretary is on maternity leave, who will help me now?
"We have to many fixed costs related to personal..."

These are some critical questions related to the management difficulties of personal: adapting companies to real labor needs, wasting time on tasks that are not your core business, administrative bureaucracy in hiring, interviewing, payroll... Summing up, Human Resources flexibility...

We have the right choice for you!

sample imageÉtoileTemp applies its knowledge and experience resolving your flexibility problems regarding Human Resources, committing our team to help your company with the right number of workers, during the strictly needed time for you to accomplish your goals.

Providing specialized and skilled Human Resources in diverse areas of activity, is our goal, because we know that the success of our clients is also ours.

We are in charge of the recruitment and personal selection, according to the profile requested by the client, as well as all the administrative work related, like work contracts, holidays, allowances, insurance, social security charges, taxes and terminus onus., etc. This way we contribute to your company's growth without additional costs and loss of time.

We believe that our company is the right choice to solve your Human Resources Management problems, therefore we offer you a challenge... Contact us and test us, this way we can prove our features and benefits...